Modular Flower 2
(4 Units)

Unfortunately, this model wasn't created in time to be
included in "Mette Units 5". This flower fits very nicely
inside a Flower Module folded from the same
size paper.

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Braided RingBraided Ring Mette Unit Ring 1
(18 Units)

This model is in "Mette Units 4 - Rings"!
Braided Ring
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Braided Ring Stern Gudrun
(8 Units)

Carmen Sprung

Carmen lives in Germany, and has created many beautiful models. This modular Star was inspired by the rings in my book "Mette Units 4 - Rings". I really like the color change on the inside!

Envelope by Frances LeVangia

Frances LeVangia

Frances joined our local folding group (TOFU) and shared her wonderful envelope fold with us at the August 28, 1999 meeting.  She has graciously agreed to allow her diagrams to be posted here.

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Heart with Pockets
Cynthia Fulbright

Cynthia is a member of our local folding group (TOFU). She created this heart model for our January 2001 meeting, where we folded Valentine's Day models.

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