TOFU Meeting
April 24, 1999

Don Connell teaching his $ bill box with lidDon Connell taught us one of his own creations: $ box with lid. Heart and box with lid(left)Changing Heart created by Edwin Young and (right)Don's box with lid.
Glenn McNitt teaching the Dollar Bill CatGlenn McNitt (standing) taught us the Dollar Bill Cat and the Changing Heart.  Dollar Bill CatDollar Bill Cat created by Guiseppe BaggiThree little kittens who lost their mittens?!?!
Courtney spooner teaching $ bill change purseCourtney Spooner teaching $ bill change purse created by Joseph Wu. Three happy folders
Three happy folders:  (l. to r.) Monty Mixen, Larry Park, and Mette Pederson.
TOFU meeting April 24, 1999
Everyone busy folding.

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