TOFU Meeting
June 19, 1999

Mouse by Eduardo Clemente
Mouse by Eduardo Clemente.  Found in "Origami:  30-Fold-by-Fold Projects" by Paulo Mulatinho. 
(ISBN 0-7858-0262-2)
Tadpole by John Montroll

Tadpole by John Montroll.  Found in "Origami Sea Life" by John Montroll and Robert J. Lang. 
(ISBN 0-486-26765-2)

Mascot Monkey by Tomoko Fuse
Mascot Monkey by Tomoko Fuse.  Found in "Simple Traditional Origami" by Tomoko Fuse.
(ISBN 4-88996-041-4)


My Favorite Fox by Kunihiko Kasahara
My Favorite Fox by Kunihiko Kasahara.  Found in "Origami Omnibus" by Kunihiko Kasahara.
(ISBN 4-8170-9001-4)
Simple Fish by Robert Neal
Simple Fish by Robert Neal.  Found in "Origami, Plain and Simple" by Robert Neale & Thomas Hull.
(ISBN 0-312-10516-9)
TOFU meeting June 19, 1999
TOFU meeting June 19, 1999

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