TOFU Meeting
August 28, 1999

We started out with a simple envelope/pouch, which used "RAT" ("Right About There") folds.
Don taught us a very nice little book by ???.  The diagrams can be found in ORU 14, p. 136.
Envelope by Frances LeVangia
Frances LeVangia shared her envelope with us. 
View the Envelope Diagrams! 
Norm taught us a fish made from 2 sheets of paper.  Found in "Let's Enjoy Paper Folding", ISBN: 4-321-45503-0.
Cynthia taught us a cute hat, which can be found in the 1998 OUSA Annual Collection.
Mette Unit Quilt - Flower Module
Mette taught her new "Flower Module" unit.
BowlJonathan Baxter attended the meeting this month, and quickly taught us this nice bowl in the last 10 minutes of the meeting!  The bowl consisted of lots of precreasing, and then "bending" the bowl into shape at the very end. Attendance was up in August!

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