TOFU Meeting
November 20, 1999

First we folded this cute little Santa.  It can be used on cards, table decoration (name place card), or hung on a tree.  The diagrams can be found in NOA Monthly Origami Magazine No.268 (December 1997), p. 26.  (If someone can tell me the creator's name, I'll post it here.)
2 piece Star
This two piece star is from a Dutch book called "Kerst 1998", p. 31.  The creator is unknown.
Drop-shaped Ornament
Norm taught us "Drop-shaped Ornament," which can be found in "The Magic of Origami" (ISBN: 0-87040-624-8), p. 104.  Rae Cooker is the creator.
New Year's Tree
This 3 piece "New Year's Tree" is created by Elena Kabachinskaya from Russia.  It is found on page 18 in a book, which I am guessing is titled "Christmas Origami."  (The book is in Russian)  ISBN: 5853990337-3.
Stirrup OrnamentEight Vaned Tree OrnamentLemmon-shapped Ornament
We folded a few 2 piece decorations.  They can all be found in "The Magic of Origami."
Left:        Stirrup Ornament, p. 103.  Created by Molly Kahn.
Middle:   Eight Vaned Tree Ornament, p. 103.  Created by Molly Kahn.
Right:      Lemmon-shapped Ornament, p. 105  Created by Alice Gray.

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