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Materials Used:

SILVER and GOLD PLATED –Plated items have an industry standard of .15 to .25 mils thickness of gold or silver which is plated to the surface of the base metal.

ANODIZED ALUMINUM - Anodized aluminum is hard tempered and extremely light weight. Aluminum rings are soaked in acid while an electrical current is run through them to open up the pores, allowing dye to soak in and create extremely bright and vivid colors. The coating does not wear off, however, it can be scratched.

COPPER - Copper is a dark metallic orange color, with just a hint of red. Copper is also quite heavy and fairly weak. Please note that copper will tarnish over time. Copper quickly turns from a shiny orange-brown to a deep chocolate color. Exposure to air and light speed this process. Leave your piece out if you want it to tarnish quickly. Otherwise, store it in its own Ziploc® bag.

COLOR COPPERED WIRE - Durable and flexible with a special protective coating, the copper material is electroplated, then sprayed with enamel color and finished with a glossy lacquer.

STERLING SILVER - The color is a very light, almost white, silver, and makes some gorgeous jewelry. The sterling used is 92.5% silver, and is half-hard tempered to make sure that is it strong. Sterling will tarnish more than fine silver, but it is easy to clean. Composition: Silver (92.5%), Copper (7.5%)

ARGENTIUM® - Argentium® silver is a fantastic new type of silver that contains a small amount of additional alloys (germanium), giving it dramatically better tarnish resistance than standard sterling silver. An occasional rinse or wipe with a soft cotton cloth with keep the metal in pristine condition.

RUBBER RINGS – The rings are latex-free, hypoallergenic silicone. This makes them superior to neoprene rings because they last longer and are easier to clean.

Jewelry Care and Cleaning:

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